ASP.NET HttpHandlers – Are they really required?

ASP.NET HttpHandler is a process that runs in response to a request that is made to an ASP.NET Web application. Almost everything we do in an HttpHandler, can be done in a normal .aspx page. So, why do we need HttpHandlers? Are they really required?

Given below is the explanation of why HttpHandlers are really required:
  1. Reusability & Portability – HttpHandlers are more reusable and portable than normal .aspx pages. Since there are no visual elements in an HttpHandler, they can be easily placed into their own assembly and reused from project to project.
  2. HttpHandlers are relatively less expensive than the PageHandler. A page goes through a set of events to be processed at the server (such as onInit, onLoad, etc.), ViewState and postbacks or simply the complete Page Life Cycle. When you really have nothing to do with the complete page life cycle (like displaying images), HttpHandlers are very useful.

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