Enumerate the Steps for creating a Shared Assembly

Step 1: Generate a Strong Name Key:

D:\Project\DLL\sn -k dll.snk

The above statement will write a Kay pair to dll.snk file

Step 2: Associate the Strong Name Key with source code

Step 2.1: Create a program to be used as DLL - First.cs

using System;
using System.Reflection;

public class Employee
public string Data()
return "Anuj Ranjan";

a) Save the file as First.cs in D:\Project\DLL\First.cs
b) Compile the program to create a DLL from the Command Prompt as given below:

D:\Project\DLL>csc /t:library First.cs

c) The above statement will create a DLL named First.dll, with the strong name key in it.

Step 2.2: Create another program to implement the DLL - Second.cs

using System;

public class Trial
public static void Main()
Employee e = new Employee();

Save the file as Second.cs in D:\Project\Implement\Second.cs

Step 3: Install the DLL in GAC

D:\Project\DLL\GACUTIL -i First.dll

GACUTIL is a command which is used to install a strong named dll in the Global Assembly Cache.

Step 4: Add the reference of the DLL in the program

D:\Project\Implement\csc /r:d:\Project\DLL\First.dll Second.cs

Step 5: Execute the program


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