Covariance Vs Contravariance

Covariance and Contravariance are the two new features introduced by C# 2.0 in which, delegate objects support the notion of covariance on their return type and contravariance on their arguments.

Covariance enables a method to be assigned to a delegate when the method's return type is a class derived from the class specified by the return type of the delegate.

Contravariance enables a method to be assigned to a delegate when a method's parameter type is a base class specified by the delagate's declaration.


// Demonstrate covariance and contravariance.
using System;

class ReturnX
  public int iValue;

// ArgumentY is derived from ReturnX.
class ArgumentY : ReturnX { }

// This delegate returns ReturnX and takes an ArgumentY argument.
delegate ReturnX ChangeIt(ArgumentY obj);

class CoContraVariance
  // This method returns ReturnX and has an ReturnX parameter.
  static ReturnX IncrA(ReturnX obj)
    ReturnX oReturnX = new ReturnX();
    oReturnX.iValue = obj.iValue + 1;
    return oReturnX;

  // This method returns ArgumentY and has a ArgumentY parameter.
  static ArgumentY IncrB(ArgumentY obj)
    ArgumentY oArgumentY = new ArgumentY();
    oArgumentY.iValue = obj.iValue + 1;
    return oArgumentY;

  static void Main()
    ArgumentY oArgumentY = new ArgumentY();
    // In this case, the parameter to IncrA is ReturnX and the parameter to ChangeIt is 
    // ArgumentY.
    // Because of contravariance, the following line is OK.
    ChangeIt oChangeIt = IncrA;
    ReturnX oReturnX = oChangeIt(oArgumentY);
    Console.WriteLine("oReturnX: " + oReturnX.iValue);

    // In the next case, the return type of IncrB is ArgumentY and the return type of 
    // ChangeIt is ReturnX.
    // Because of covariance, the following line is OK.
    oChangeIt = IncrB;
    oArgumentY = (ArgumentY) oChangeIt(oArgumentY);
    Console.WriteLine("oArgumentY: " + oArgumentY.iValue);

The output from the program is shown here:
oReturnX: 1
oArgumentY: 1

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